Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Venture Capital of Love

Ordinarily, I use this blog to discuss issues affecting start-ups and other high tech companies. But some matters are so compelling that I cannot remain silent. I speak, of course, of the Valentine's Day date.

The risk of investing in a relationship is much like the risks associated with venture capital: probably 2 out of 10 attempts win big. Going out on Valentine's Day is like a relationship IPO: expectations are high, even though you have fully disclosed the risks of the venture. So trust me when I tell you that what you order for Valentine's dinner is critically important.

For reasons I cannot entirely explain, there are some dishes which tell a gal that you're just not that into her. Anything with a roasted garlic aioli, for example. If I were to emphasize one thing, it would be that you avoid fish. DO NOT order fish for dinner on a Valentine's Day date. It suggests you're watching your weight instead of the woman across the table from you. Last night I watched in horror as an earnest young man debated the merits of Tilapia versus Orange Roughy with the waiter. My husband shook his head in disgust, observing, "That's not going to end well."

Later, the same guy asked for the cheese cart. (There really is nothing like a wonderful raw milk camembert to freshen a lad's breath.) We left before he could ask for irish coffee. I have a feeling that his date did, too.

Like an IPO, any relationship should last at least 6 months before its stock starts to drop. Don't let your Valentine's date make your girlfriend restate your earnings.

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