Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Venture Law Line Seminar Series: Friends, Family and Angel Financing

Here's your first notice: the first of our 2007 seminar series will be held in late March/early April here in Toronto. In an hour and a half, we're going to run through how to structure, paper and complete an investment from your friends, family and angels. We'll teach you the principles for valuing an investment, structuring it in a manageable way, and we'll also address special issues (US relatives, deal "sweeteners" and the like). You'll leave with a CD of handy reference materials and model documents. And donuts.

In the current market, the number of friends and family financings done each year far outnumber the actual amount of venture capital deals closed (according to one Ottawa angel, angel complete 30 times more deals than VCs). A common complaint we hear is that the legal fees in these cases are too large relative to the amount of money raised. This seminar will help address this issue by giving you a good grounding in the basics, so your legal fees can be spent more efficiently. And did we mention the donuts?

Dates, location will be posted here shortly. Any additional issues you would like to see addressed under this topic? Just let me know.

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