Monday, February 05, 2007

Not My Kind of Long Tail

There have been disturbing rumours about this for a while now, but in recent discussions with a British client, I received confirmation: the British high tech community is single-handedly bringing back the mullet.

The mullet is that haircut most often described as "business in front, party in the back." It seems odd that it would re-emerge in the UK - kind of like hearing that NASCAR fans are bringing back spats. I also think it could be downright dangerous. Hear me out:

We all know that those who do not learn from fashion history are doomed to repeat it, and I am very concerned in this case. Mullets have never been kind to the Brits. Historically, they have been a harbinger of bad things to come. Just look at the Bay City Rollers (above, circa 1973). Some stylist took one look at their hair and said, here are fellows who can be conned into cropped gaucho pants and platform shoes. A few months pass and suddenly the whole Sceptred Isle is dressing the same way. Next thing you know, Edward Heath is Prime Minister, Britain is fighting cod wars with Iceland, and the whole country is on strike (I would insist on a 3-day work week, too, if my fashion choices were similar).

One never knows when actions will trigger a domino effect. Still, no good trend has been kicked off by a mullet. Careful, Britannia. But if you can't be good, then for pity's sake, make sure you use a good conditioner.

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