Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Close of VanEdge Fund Rumoured

Just before Christmas I was out to dinner with a group that included Q1 Capital's Mike Middleton, some US VCs and Vancouver's Paul Lee. Paul was originally part of Distinctive Software, a Canadian game developer purchased by Electronic Arts. He stayed with EA for more than 10 years post-acquisition, rising to President of EA Studios before leaving to form Vanedge which, he explained to me, was going to be a new investment vehicle that he and his friends put together to invest in early stage digital media plays.

As it turns out, Paul has quite a few friends. PE Hub reports today that Vanedge is about to close the first $100 million in commitments from partners that reportedly include EA, BDC and EDC. I am wishing I'd put my wine on his tab. Interactive folks - this is the team to get to know. More later.