Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hollywood Tycoon's Facebook Version Gets Notice

Great post over at Inside Social Games (Dec 17) about our client, Toronto's Social Games Universe, and the newly-released Facebook editions of their games Avastar and Hollywood Tycoon. Nathon Gunn and his team have been pursuing their own vision of social gaming for several years now, and the review of their latest products are yielding praise. The interaction between the two games is drawing particular attention; SGU has designed a "groundbreaking" feature that allows content from one game to exist in another.

SGU is another example of great homegrown talent backed by great investors, including CITY's Moses Znaimer, Live Nation's Michael Cohl, Nelvana's Clive Smith, Standard Broadcasting's Gary Slaight and Zerofootprint's Ron Dembo. You can read more about the company, and its investors, over at the SGU website.