Monday, December 07, 2009

RIM Accessories I WOULD Buy

I remain mystified by RIM's accessories strategy. The Blackberry store is touting some pretty basic stuff as being "authentic" and, therefore, good. "Authentic" accessories apparently are smart looking and smart thinking. If these were, say, cowboys, I'd be intrigued.

Here's what I think RIM should do instead: send a big fat check to Newfoundland, care of Nonia knits, and have the ladies spend this year knitting trigger mitts. There are only so many moose hunters out there who need mittens that allow you to use your thumb and trigger finger. However, the number of Blackberry Storm users grows daily. Sell them next Xmas as Blackberry mittens, and even use a portion of the proceeds for another donation (money from sales by Nonia goes to local healthcare). They're black, they're fashionable, and they're fun. If the Bay can convince everyone that red mittens are a fun item, RIM can.

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