Thursday, June 14, 2007

Venture Capital Through The Ages

I kept most of my lecture notes from college. Turns out, Williams gave a good grounding in venture capital. Just take a look at some of my notes from The History of Economic Development (slightly updated):

The Medieval Pre: a/k/a the Lord's Demesne, the right in the manorial system,of each lord to retain 25% - 1/3 of all land and crops.

The Medieval Liquidation Preference: He got to keep the barns, vineyards, orchards and workshops, too.

Angels of the Middle Ages: The Commenda, or a group of older merchants who provided capital for active partners, then split the proceeds 3:1.

Decline in Seed Investment: Known as "the treason of the Bourgeosie" in 17th century France.

The Portfolio Approach: originated in Europe in the Middle Ages, when the 3-crop rotation system became a key driver of innovation.

Other key driver of technology innovation in the Middle Ages: "Manure was used more intelligently."

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