Friday, March 09, 2007

Startup Blogging: Simply Iotum

Alec Saunders and Howard Thaw at Iotum are among the best examples out there of how to build a brand by building community. Alec's blog has become a real network node for the VOIP community, and for entrepreneurs in general. Check out their company blog and Alec's own blog to see what I mean.

My wishes for them in 2007 are that: (a) their new product upgrade gives them the acclaim they deserve, and (b) Alec expands his fashion palette to include colours other than beige. The man owns more beige polarfleece and sweaters than a technology evangelist should.

(You may also want to check Alec's blog for pictures from his recent trip to eTel. There is an alarming amount of facial hair being shown by emerging telephony pundits. )

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