Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pink Sheets Upgrade

Many of our clients have been intrigued by the liquidity opportunites in the over the counter securities market. The Wall Street Journal reported today on how Pink Sheets is upgrading it services to take advantage.

Pink Sheets provides electronic quotation and other financial information for the over-the-counter securities markets. To address its broadening appeal, today it announced the launch of a new Pink Sheets designation for domestic and international stocks, called OTCQX, in what it says is an effort to help individual investors better differentiate between legitimate companies and the shady ones.

The new QX designation will apply to both domestic and foreign stocks and will only be awarded to "reputable companies with continuing business operations and which provide credible disclosure to the marketplace".

My VENTURE LAW LINE colleague, Naomi Morisawa de Koven, is a reigning expert on public market liquidity for startups. Want to know more? Give her a buzz.

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