Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Les is More, But he's Gone

Thanks to the healing properties of several cold and flu medicines, I've been off my game for the last few weeks. Which caused me to miss the Feb 4 announcement of Les Lyall's departure from Growthworks. Les came west a few years ago to set up Growthworks Ontario shop, then returned to the B.C. fold last fall, on the heels of GrowthWorks material change report, filed on Sept 6, 2008 announcing that David Levi would be stepping down as President and CEO of GrowthWorks and its managed funds in March 2009, to be replaced by Les.

Fast forward to Feb.4 2009 and the press release that Les Lyall is no longer with Growthworks. David Levi was quoted as saying "Because of the recent downturn and turbulence in the financial markets I have decided to remain in the role of President and CEO of GrowthWorks and its managed funds."

Growthworks Ontario remains in the hands of boy wonder Tim Lee, who earned his stripes at Vengrowth and was known to those of us in the industry for his ability to pick great companies and entice them away from the rest of us, the bastard.

Off to take more vitamin C.

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