Thursday, June 12, 2008

We haven't talked about fashion in a while, and with Seersucker Thursday only a week away, I thought it high time we caught up.

Now, I really should not be invoking the name of fashion without using airquotes here. Consider what seersucker is: a form of cotton specially woven to make its threads bunch together and look wrinkled. In other words, it is used to make clothes that look as if you slept in them. A lot. Yet so compelling is this proposition to many of you that you choose to wear seersucker suits all summer long, even though most seersucker suits are made in atrocious ice cream colours like pink, yellow or baby blue.

You need to stop doing this. Nothing fashionable or manly can come from donning seersucker clothes. Need proof? Here is a photo of several United States senators enjoying "Seersucker Thursday":

For the uninformed, "Seersucker Thursday" occurs every third Thursday in June, when senators are encouraged to wear their finest seersucker attire, as an official rite of summer. Aren't they just the prettiest check and balance to the Executive Branch, ever? Way to go, defenders of the Constitution.

Remember this photo when you are selecting your outfit for your next meeting with your investors. Then back away from your Brooks Brothers catalogue slowly.