Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blackberry/JLA Fund

Interesting post over at Techvibes about a possible $150 million fund backed by RIM, RBC and Thomson Reuters that would invest in mobile applications, including applications that would drive Blackberry adoption. Apparently an announcement was posted, then retracted by Venture Beat, in which JLA Ventures was named as co-manager for the fund. YOu can also read about it over at Techcrunch. Could this be the new fund hinted at Friday by the folks at Wellington Fund?

Read all about it at Rick Segal's blog. This may be the canniest move yet in Canadian venture capital.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes it is the same one, the fund was also mentioned in and they were going to announce like Wellington on Sunday. I posted a comment on Wellington's blog posting but MarK has yet to realease my comment, I also posted on, congrats to Jevon for letting my post show through, I was the one who notified Techvibes, and techcrunch, but they will never admit it...

3:14 PM  
Blogger Thusenth said...

Rick Segal during his VC Roundtable talks mentioned a new fund launching May 12 from JLA. This is probably what he was hinting at. He also hinted that JLA was looking to make investments in localization applications. So really anything that leveraged geomatics.

Their investment in PlanetEye was a bet on geographical information becoming embedded in EXIF data in photos taken by mobile phones.

Guess what, the BlackBerry 9000 has the feature to embed geographical information into the photos taken with the BlackBerry 9000.

7:10 PM  

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