Sunday, September 23, 2007

Parity begins at Home

For me, once the Canadian dollar began trading at par with the US dollar on Friday, it should have been payback time. All those years of jokes about the Canadian "dollarette" were finally over. No more, "Do I weigh 20% less in Canada?" nonsense. Or so I thought.

Then I opened my inbox to find this message from one of my college dorm mates: "Dollar may be big. Football players still tiny. Not real football, either."

Damn it, he's right. Take a look at the guy from the BC Lions (above). The ground appears to be a close neighbour. And what's with the black yoga tights? Is he a football player? Or did he lose his way en route to a track meet?

I should have remembered that Doug Flutie was a quarterback in the Canadian Football League for several years. To say he is petite for a football player is an understatement: back when he was still a college player in Boston, he borrowed a friend's apartment and left behind a tee shirt. We all took turns trying it on and it was so tight on each of us that we looked like a bunch of Hooters employees.

The biggest guy on the team (#3 below) is listed as being all of 6 foot 3. What would that make the sprite he is hoisting in the air?

The guy who ruined my happy Parity Day, that's who. Now my Laura Secord chocolates taste just a little bitter.