Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Decline and Fall of the Art of Spam

I've been taking a break from posting, storing them for fall. Lots of flash reports coming from me and my firm in the weeks ahead; I hope you'll tune in.

One thought before the long weekend: I may not much like SPAM, but for a while I was somewhat accepting of SPAM as a fact of life. Time was, if you could get past my filters, I would even have a small admiration for your industriousness.

All that's changed. No one seems to even TRY anymore. Am I going to mistakenly open an email titled "Did he ask you last night?" Am I going to be able to resist learning about a bored girl who is at home and woud like to send pictures? What am I, a prepubescent boy? And what makes them think people are more likely to buy Cialis on line if you spell it CIAlis?

The art of spamming has gone to the dogs. Whatever happened to the subtle titillation of "Your application has been accepted?" or "Re: Your inquiry?" I used to be fascinated about how spammers figured that the people who clicked through on messages called "Re: Backspace Key" were the kind of people who would be looking for a pricey watch. Now, I'm tired of it all. They could be selling La Mer at wholesale for all I care.

Kids today.

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