Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lest We Forget: Pequot Ventures

In our continuing salute to the dearly departed (US VCs who've left the Canadian landscape), we recall Pequot Ventures. Formed in 1998, Pequot dabbled briefly in two notable plays here in Canada: Klocwork, the Nortel spin-out and Syndesis, the Toronto-based next generation telecom OSS business. Klocwork also was one of the Ottawa companies I think of as bearing the mark of Goodwin; you all remember Eric Goodwin, first CEO of Fulcrum and then Flonetwork, who has been the go-to Chair of many companies since - including most recently Fortiva. Syndesis has since been acquired and after three announced rounds of financing, Klocwork appears to still be going like, well...you know.

Canada's done well by Pequot. Let's hope they come back soon.

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