Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Venture Law Line Seminar Series: Event #2

Thanks to all of you who attended last week's breakfast seminar on Friends, Family and Angel Financings. We'll be repeating the event in Ottawa on May 7, as part of the Entrepreneurs Symposium hosted by CATA's Women In Technology group.

We're going to fit one more large session in before golf season gets underway. The topic: Expanding Your Sales and Operations to the US (working title: On a Clear Day, You Can See Buffalo). The session will cover the issues we most often confront as our clients begin to sell products and services into the US, hire sales consultants and open American offices. We'll look at everything from: using US-based data centers to run your business, to hiring sales reps and US employees, and pursuing US investors. We'll also talk about special issues affecting startups as they expand south: pending changes in export controls, intellectual property issues, selling toolkits to the US, providing post-sales support from Canada, and the like.

If this sounds like a good topic for you, email me and we'll add you to the list. Space will be limited, but as always carbohydrates, coffee and sardonic commentary will be plentiful.

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