Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Startup Christmas: Holiday Gift Suggestions

Thanks to corporate policies that limit gift giving, we have had to find a way to provide meaningful holiday gifts to our clients and colleagues while at the same time staying within spending guidelines. Here are some of the special ways we will be thanking our friends and colleagues for their support and patronage this year:

For our bizdev clients, we have selected this fine cardboard decision enabler. With one spin of its all-plastic arm, you can direct corporate/sales strategy by asking "What Would a Ninja Do?"

We've never met a developer who didn't like Star Wars. And so, for the car of the code jockey, we have selected these signs (on the right):

We find that many of the VPs of Engineering are more traditional. For them, we have gone to the top of our budget and purchased these lovely, limited edition Star Trek watches. The second hand is the starship Enterprise, which boldly goes where no man has gone before every sixty seconds. An added bonus: press a button and the Star Trek theme will play:

For board presentations, what CEO (or CFO) would not enjoy a Dolphin laser pointer? You can adjust it so that the laser points a straight beam of light at your powerpoint or a heart , star or octopus shape! Perfect for accentuating your positive cash flow!

Some of our clients focus on enabling corporate compliance. For them, we can think of no more inspirational a gift than a piece of the biggest corporate scandal of them all, Enron:

Happy Holidays.

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