Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Startup Fashion: Holiday Don'ts

You may find yourself wondering what to wear to that holiday mixer your investors have invited you to. I went to Ralph Lauren's site today. After all, as the International Herald Tribune noted, Ralph's latest menswear collection embraces " the dapper masculine elegance that has recently come back into style." Look to your left and right: THESE are Ralph's choices for holiday wear. ?!?!?!? Consider both of these options as the fashion equivalent of IRAQ. There can be no phased retreat from either choice, so just don't go there.

How has it come to this? Ralph used to be my "go to" guy for my husband's clothes. Safe, solid and assured. But now, he's only good if we want to play naughty boudoir games like "Prussian army officer returns from the front" or "Brideshead Revisited...Uncut"(P.S., we don't.)

If you want to avoid the horrors of the current fashion war of aggression go here and click on "What Would Cary Do?" a style section that helps you think like the original dapper guy, Cary Grant. Don't let Ralph put your weapon of mass destruction in terrycloth.

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