Friday, December 08, 2006

Lawyer Fashion Workshop: Going Euro

My friends at Faskens have gone Euro trendy and merged with a London law firm. How best to integrate? Here's a fashion workshop idea that will allow you, with just a few extra hours in business class and some office supplies, to go from the plane right to London's City with minimal wardrobe adjustments. Follow these steps:

1. Pre-board as soon as you can and ask the flight attendant to bring you the cold lobster tray dinner. (You are flying business class, aren't you?) You need to be well fed and ready to work once the plane reaches cruising altitude.

2. Take: (a) one camel-haired jacket, (b) a ruler, and (c) whatever hi-liters you have on hand, and get to work! Remember the British design imperative: draw attention away from the pasty face and the teeth!

3. Try and tune your PVR to some Merchant Ivory production. If there isn't one available, try to visualize Rupert Everett. Ask the flight attendant for some bad coffee. And perhaps some crisps to wash it down with.

By the time you've crossed the Atlantic, voila! You should be ready to go! Your new British partners will appreciate your attempt to be bespoke.

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