Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More on the Embedded Executive Program

Kevin Carroll at OCE has come to the rescue with more details about the embedded executive program. The embedded executive program (also referred to as "embedded coaching") is part of what the OCE calls its Business Growth Program.

Here's how it works: "The company’s management capacity and needs are assessed by OCE commercialization and business development professionals in collaboration with the company. The resulting project plan may include specific measures to strengthen management, often as part of a larger project plan aimed at various aspects of the company’s development.The company, assisted by OCE staff, [then] prepares a proposal for funding and other support from the Business Growth Program."

This support includes sharing the costs of acquiring the services of an experienced entrepreneur or business manager to work inside the company for a limited time as an embedded management coach who provides chief executive functions, business planning, financial management, technology strategy, human resources, marketing, or other areas identified during the needs assessment.

"A typical assignment," the OCE material reads, "would place an embedded coach inside the company on a part-time basis for up to 6 months. Compensation options for coaches may include pro bono arrangements, honoraria, and future considerations such as equity or conditional deferred fees."

Who qualifies as an "embedded coach?" According to the material Kevin provided, "the company and OCE will jointly select a coach from OCE’s extensive network of management experts." This may refer to the large mentor network registry that the resides somewhere over at MARs, but if it were to be truly effective, one would hope that the OCE would also cost share on any exceptional person identified by the company.

There you go. Over to Kevin Carroll for mroe details.