Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Return of the Heavyweight Entrepreneurs, Part IV: Cignias

The telecom start-up has returned to Toronto with the quiet launch of our client, Cignias.

Cignias includes a star founding team (some ex-Vixs, another local start-up), which has managed to bootstrap to create working prototypes of their first solutions, the NAO™ docking station and the NAO™suite of applications. NAO "will allow users to truly manage the control and distribution of their multimedia content from anywhere. Functions such as wirelessly controlling the playback of the music on their phone on the NAO™ docking station or wirelessly sending pictures to your NAO™ digital photo frame from anywhere in the world instantly."

Here's yet another example of a start-up that has launched and created jobs and made its first inroads in the market on its own steam.

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