Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Notes from Seattle on the New Green Deal Economy

Great read from Cascadia Capital’s Michael Butler on why the new energy economy will thrive in the U.S. He sets out 10 core factors that indicate we are in the early stages of a “post-petroleum era.” My favourites:

- combatting climate change has reached a tipping point and is embedded in the collective consciousness.

- The U.S. is entering a period of “re-regulation” which will favour alternative energy

- “[W]hat other growth options do we really have? The harsh reality
is that our use of leverage over the past 10-20 years covered up a lack of growth in our economy. We simply were not as productive as we thought we were. Where will our future growth come from?Information technology, biotechnology and telecommunications are maturing as GDP boosters, manufacturing is re‐tooling for the knowledge workforce, and defense spending will be scrutinized, so even though alternative energy is virtuous and vital, it may ultimately win by economic default.”

You can download Butler’s proposal for a “new Green Deal” Economy from Cascadia’s web site. He’s been writing some of the most interesting pieces on the next 10 years out there; his is a voice to monitor.

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