Thursday, November 02, 2006

Web 2.0 After-Party...

Sometimes clothes aren't just about fashion - they're a way of life. When the Web 2.0 conference ends, Fred Wilson, Rick Segal and the boys will be heading to a place where their corduroy ways will be welcomed and understood. November 11 - "11/11 is the date that most closely resembles corduroy" - is the date. "The festivities will include keynote speaker author Jonathan Ames, corduroy-inspired art; and the Corduroy Awards, for which the nominees include actor Heath Ledger (Exemplary Usage of Corduroy in a Motion Picture: Brokeback Mountain), fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi (Exemplary Usage of Corduroy in Fashion), and British comedian Marcus Brigstocke (Exemplary Usage of Corduroy as a Comedic Channel). All attendees are strictly required to wear at least two items of corduroy, but of course the more items of the material, the better." You can learn more here. Or, you check out Hugo Boss' latest wool and cashmere blend slacks. I'm just saying.

Thanks to Manolo for the tip.